New Face Painters

Here we explain exactly what you need to start face painting today!

Welcome To Face Painting!!!

We are so glad you are interested in becoming a face painter. We are here to help you become a great face painter. We know it can be hard trying to figure out where to get started, especially if you don't have and friends or associates that are already face painting.

This guide will give you the basics to get started right now! More advanced information will come with time and experience, but for now it's best to focus on getting the supplies you need and practicing.


The first thing you must understand about face painting is what paints you should and should not use. The paint you use is not only essential for the quality of your work, but it's crucial for the safety of those you paint on.

Craft, acrylic, oil, and watercolors are not appropriate or safe for the skin. Use only professional-grade face paints that are formulated specifically for the task.

What makes professional-grade face paint unique? They will perform great on the skin, are easy to work with, are toxic-free, wax and glycerin based, and contain FDA-compliant ingratiates.

Our recommendation for beginners:

  • When starting out, we recommend getting a face paint palette. Palettes are the best bang for your buck as a beginner as they get you a variety of colors in a quantity that makes sense for you.
  • Our top two picks for palettes are the Wolfe Essential Palette and the Diamond FX Essential Palette. These are some of the most trusted brands in face painting and will serve you well. 


Brushes and Sponges

There is a lot of variety with face painting brushes and sponges. You may have seen some artists with hundreds of brushes and sponges in the kits. As a beginner, you only need a few Round and Flat brushes. This will allow you to practice your technique and focus on the basic strokes you will use in face painting.

When it comes to sponges, forget about trying the cleaning or markup sponges you have lying around the house. You will want dedicated face paint sponges that are the proper density and firmness level. Your sponges will be used you lay down base layers of color or create different effects super fast and are essential in many designs you will be learning.

Our recommendation for beginners:


Stencils and Glitter

Stencils are an excellent tool for beginners and pros. They save time and allow you to create shapes and textures you can't get with only a brush or sponge.

Stencils with basic designs like States, Animal Prints, and Patterns will make a big difference in your face painting. For glitter, anything goes. Well, almost anything. You want to use cosmetic-grade glitter that is safe for the skin.

As you look through face paint glitter, you will see a million colors and terms like holographic, Iridescent, Neon, Fine, Chunky, etc. You can pick anything you like, but if you want to keep it simple, choose a silver, so you know if it goes with everything.

Our recommendation for beginners:

  • Our top two recommendations for glitter are the ..........

Where to get your basic supplies?

We have Recommended Items for new Face Painters on the Main Menu, where you can shop for items that are perfect new face painters like yourself.

Since it's easy to get overwhelmed with beautiful paints, we have only included the basics of what you need to start painting today.

If you would like more information or help to place your order, please reach out on the Contact Us page. HAPPY FACE PAINTING!!!