Bad Ass Mini Stencil - BAM PAX 3002 Bravest

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Create an instant WOW factor with these easy to use face paint stencils!

Each BAM PAX stencil sheet features 5 related stencil. Each stencil is in the same theme so you can have a lot of variety with just one set. These stencils are made of high quality mylar that is thin enough to achieve detail designs, flexible enough to use all over the body and still come clean easily!

 Each sheet comes with a metal chain to help keep them together in storage.

How to use:

Compatible with airbrush, brush, sponge, and finger dauber.

How to clean:

Wipe down with soap and water, baby wipes, or alcohol. 


  • Measures 5" x 3.5" (5 stencils)
  • laser cut on reusable 7.5 mil Mylar