GTX Facepaint - Loretta Pink - Regular - 60 grams

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Create your own unique Rainbow Cakes with this easy to cut and re-pot paint.

***FDA compliant, UK Compliant, SPCN registered, EU CPNP registered and Health Canada registered. ***

***GTX is insured for cutting and re-potting to make your own cakes. It is NOT insured for the resale of your own rainbow cakes. Do NOT mix GTX paints with other brands when making your own combos, it will void your insurance.***

Thanks to GTX, it's never been easier to cut and create your own rainbow cakes. GTX was designed and formulated specifically to be sliced and press back into an empty containers. And if you get low spots in your rainbow cakes? GTX paints make it easy to refill low spots.

Manufacturer Usage Instructions.

    • Wear gloves when creating your cakes to prevent bacterial growth on your crafting cake.
    • Always use use clean tools.
    • Use a sharp knife like the GTX crafting knife to cut slices out of your cake. Cut slowly to stay safe.
    • Combine paint slices into clean container and press down on all colors firmly and evenly. Use the GTX stamp to make this easier and give your new creating a professional look.

    How to apply and remove:

    GTX paints are water activated. Use a damp sponge or brush and rub back and forth against the surface of the paint to active. Work paint into a thick cream and brush or sponge onto skin. like all professional grade face paints, GTX may leave temporary staining depending on the individuals skin type.

    Remove with skin safe soap or makup remover , face soap, a makeup remover like Jest Paint Brush and Body Wash applied on a damp rag or sponge. Just your hands and soap might not get off every bit so be sure to use a cloth or sponge to wipe it off.