KINGART Face Paint Brush - 7950 Gold Grip - Brush Set

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Get the full range of brushes with this set.

The 7950 Series brushes are some of the most popular face painting brushes around. They are durable, keep their shape well, and apply paint beautifully. 

Note: Comparable to Loew-Cornell 795 Series White Nylon Brushes. 


  • White nylon bristles
  • Nickel-plated ferrule
  • Lacquered handle

Ideal for:

  • Outlining
  • Detailing
  • Line work
  • Tear drops

How to clean:

Rinse with water. Lightly run bristles onto brush cleaning pad or palm of hand. Let the bristles air dry. Use a face paint brush conditioner to extend the life of the bristles.