PartyXplosion Face Paint - Blood Capsules - 20 pk.

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Call the vampires, there's blood everywhere!

Spook the masses at your next event with these spooky blood capsules! Perfect for gory zombies, thirsty vampires, or monstrous scratches. 

Ideal for creating a slightly frothy bright blood effect when mixed with saliva.

The capsules are of vegetable origin and filled with red powder.
The capsules are non-toxic and therefore suitable for use in and around the mouth.

Put the capsule in your mouth, the capsule will slowly melt.
Bite on the capsule when you want the blood effect and mix it well with your saliva.
Make sure the blood powder mixes well with the saliva and let it flow out of your mouth. Please note this blood is not washable, so watch your clothes!


The blood residue on the skin can best be removed with a cleansing lotion. Not washable.