Sparkling Faces Practice Board by Svetlana Keller - Sophia

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Simply paint your artwork onto the boards, and take photographs of your completed work in order to quickly and easily create one-of-a-kind menus which can be displayed online or in print. (8.5" X 11") 

This is the perfect solution when there are no models available. The surface of the templates is designed with a special relief so that your brush will glide across beautifully with the gentlest of friction. No frustrating slipping to be had! Your new face painting boards can very easily be cleaned with washing-up liquid and water. Stubborn stains can be removed by very gently rubbing them with a Magic eraser and some washing-up liquid or sunflower oil. Make sure to wash your board with washing-up liquid before using them for the very first time to help break them in. This brand new product has been very carefully tested by Sparkling Faces, and has achieved excellent results! We are so proud to offer this product to you, and know that it will be an incredible investment to your face painting business.


  • Size 8.5" X 11"
  • Reusable
  • Easily washes with soap and water
  • Transports easily

How to Use:

Check out the video! Apply paint, glitter the same you would to a real skin. Let your imagination go wild and try new things.