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Discover the dazzling magic of Suzy Sparkles Glitter Gel! Our fast and easy-to-use glitter gel will get you glitzed up in no time and make you the star of the show. Try it now and be mesmerized by vibrant, sparkly results!

Suzy Sparkles gels are designed to be used on your body, hair or face (Not on the eyes or eye lids). It looks great on its own or together with face paint, as an accent. They come in large 1 oz. bottles with an secure precision nozzle and cap that keep your gel from drying out.

How to Use:

  1. Remove cap
  2. Squeeze bottle to dispense gel.
  3. Can be applied directly on paint, but don't smudge it after or paint will smudge.
  4. Easily remove with light soap and water.
  5. If your gel gets to dry over long periods of time you can add a small amount of water or gel base to rehydrate it. 

***Do not use this product on eyelids or very close to eyes.***

***Not eligible for returns if opened.***